Advantages And Disadvantages Of Folding Bikes

If you are planning to buy bicycles you have quite a few options available with you. If you are from the city and are looking for something that could be used for commuting to and from your school or workplace, then you perhaps could choose a road bike. On the other hand if you are looking for some adventure and excitement, choosing a mountain bike would be a good idea. You also have the option of choosing between recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, hybrid bikes, cruiser bikes and last but not the least folding bikes. In this article we will be trying and having a closer look at foldable bikes. They are becoming quite popular because many riders believe that they come in with some obvious advantages and benefits. However, on the other side of the spectrum there are many who believe that it has more disadvantages and benefits. Let us therefore try and find where exactly the truth lies. Know more about folding bike check this website for best folding mountain bike  for your school and workforce.

What Are Foldable Bikes

Put in simple and plain words, when we talk about foldable bikes we are referring to bikes which have been designed for easy folding. This makes it quite easy to pack and transport them from one place to another. In fact many office goers find it easy to carry these bikes around to the office and in the absence of parking space they can be easily put away in some corners and then be used again whenever needed.

Folding Bikes

Some Obvious Advantages Of Foldable Bikes

Because of the increasing popularity there are obviously some benefits as far as these folding bikes are concerned. To begin with they are quite compact. They can easily fit into tool and there is no need for dismantling them, opening them up into small pieces and again fitting them. Hence if you are moving from one place to another these bikes could come in very handy and there would not be the need to have special packing done for them

They Offer Better Acceleration

Since most of the foldable bikes come with small wheel base they offer easier and smoother rides and better acceleration. Hence you can expect to reach a decent speed of around 10 to 15 miles within a short period of time unless the common and conventional big wheeled bikes.

They Are Suitable For Multi Modal Commuting

Another big reason while they are popular is because they are quite versatile and could be used for different types of commuting.

Some Downsides Of Foldable Bikes

However there are some disadvantages when it comes to buying these foldable bikes. First and foremost they come with hinges which increases weight and therefore could be a drag when travelling long distances. They are not as still or tough as regular bikes and are prone to much faster wear and tear. Bumps and potholes could impact the quality of ride and it could lead to stress and tiredness much sooner than one would expect. Finally they are more expensive when compare to conventional bikes because of special design features and because they are portable and foldable. Read more about advantages and disadvantages of folding bike.

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