How Induction Cookers Work Inside

It is a modern way or technique to refer to the glass ceramic that in most of our houses we have, since it is the simplest to handle, in addition to allowing us to control the heat of our cooking and cooking our food . The difference is that the traditional glass ceramic is somewhat cheaper. Every day, they are more fashionable, for the safety it offers, for efficiency and above all, because it is much easier to clean.

But really, how does this work? How do we get the pan or the pot to warm up if its heat is not radial like the heat of conventional glass ceramics? How do induction cookers work inside ?

Induction Cookers. Functioning

Of course, it is not the same as the heat provided by a flame, which is responsible for heating a vessel in a physical way, as an induction plate , since there is no flame here and does not consist of placing a stove spice under a glass Or create heat through it, to heat the containers we put on it, as with traditional glass ceramics.

Induction Cookers. Operation – Process

These kitchens use the alternating magnetic field as a base, which is responsible for magnetizing the ferromagnetic material of the vessel in one direction and the other. During this process does not waste much energy, as with gas stoves, because the energy is focused and only occurs when it is in contact with the metal . The material is magnetically agitated and the energy it absorbs, then it is released in the form of heat .

In this way, the vessel, upon contact with the plate, begins to heat, because through the ferromagnetic material , it can receive the heat. The Faraday ‘s law , is showing that the contact of a metal with ferromagnetic material , producing heat and, therefore, may begin to heat food.

Induction Cookers. Operation – Materials

In order for the magic to occur, it is necessary that the pot, the pan or the saucepan to be placed on the plate of the induction cooker, possesses, although it is only in its base, ferromagnetic material . Due to the popularity of kitchen appliances, they are being made almost all, with heavy materials containing it.

There are some materials, which can not create heat, which although popular in the kitchen, do not contain the material in the base, in order to create that heat in the ferromagnetic field .

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Terracotta

Although they are very popular materials that can be heated anywhere, with this type of plates, you can not do much, because they can not create the principle to create heat .

Moreover, if a food is placed on the induction plate and there is no ferromagnetic material, it is not cooked and the heat does not reach. 

Induction Cookers, Advantages And Disadvantages

Of course, these types of kitchens are the most comfortable and safe, and many will think it is the boom of kitchens. The truth is that more current than this, there is little, especially with the technology it offers, which not only allows cooking, but avoid wastage of energy, but we have to keep in mind that it is not the panacea in the world of kitchens , But there are certain advantages and disadvantages that we must know.

Induction Cookers, Advantages And Disadvantages – Advantages

  • Heat speed : it is not like the glass-ceramic of a lifetime that you have to take to cook because it takes time to warm up or like the stoves, where you have to put the flame to the top to heat quickly. The induction cooker can reach high temperatures in a very short time.
  • Cleaning: it does not overheat, which means that it does not dissolve food that is then stuck and embedded in the surface. It is very comfortable to clean.
  • Energy saving : thanks to its technology, we can use the energy we need only. We do not have to waste it, because it prevents heat leaks and causes it to concentrate more.
  • Detection of the container . One of the best advantages without a doubt. It detects the material and concentrates the heat in that part. When the container no longer detects, it stops. Is super safe.

Induction Kitchens, Advantages And Disadvantages – Disadvantages

  • Not everything is rosy. There are some disadvantages, which, although not very scandalous, may make you think of an induction cooker.
  • Price: not cheap but for nothing. A major disadvantage of such modern and innovative kitchens is that they have to pay for this innovation. It is about investing in a kitchen that will make your life easier.
  • Change of kitchen utensils : you can not use anything in the kitchen, for the response of the materials. Unless you do not have the materials you use, you probably will not function as you want and you have to re-invest in the purchase of new utensils, so you can take advantage of it.
  • Electric power : this is a source of electrical energy. If there is a blackout, the kitchen will not work at all, unless you have your own generator.

As you can see the induction cookers are incredible, but they also have their disadvantages. It is time to consider if you really want a kitchen of these or it is worth investing so that your way of cooking is not affected and you always have the advantages offered by an induction cooker.

The truth is that it was something revealing, find out how induction cookers work because we did not know how much is advancing science, not only to make life easier, but to become more efficient characters, allowing us to save whatever is Necessary, but without giving up the comfort of the advances of a modern kitchen. Before going to purchase the best anolon cookware sets, you must read the reviews online, so that you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of it.

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