Mini Basketball Hoops

Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. Since then, it has become one of the most popular sports in the world. Even kids love to play basketball using mini basketball inside their home and indoors. There are professional sizes and rules today that have to be observed in a professional basketball game, but that wasn’t how James Naismith intended it to be.

Naismith invented basketball by starting using a soccer ball into a peach basket according to those who have traced the history of this sport. He has a simple idea like shooting the ball into the basket, much like most kids and adults do at home when they try and shoot the ball inside their mini basketball hoops.

Today however, there are different basketball official rules. There are regulation sizes rules for men and boys; Official Women rules for women and girls; Intermediate basketball rules for girls youth; Junior basketball rules for boy’s youth; Junior basketball rules for kids and other more rules for non-pro and professional basketball games.

Considering all the different rules and the history of this game, one wonders if the sizes of the ball and rim even matters. Perhaps the weight of the ball does matter but that wasn’t the idea of the man who invented the game was it? Besides, it is hard to imagine how huge his game would be after a century. Today, basketball is one of the most commercialized sports. Basketball is the way to sell everything from rubber shoes to sports wear.

That’s why mini basketball hoops is THE real basketball. That is also why there is the JustinTymeSports, which designs and specializes in mini basketball hoops for the indoor basketball enthusiast. You can find these popular hoops in bedrooms, homes, dorms, and offices around the world. The rim of their Mini-Pro I and Mini-Pro II Basketball Hoops is about 9″ in (diameter) while rim size requires a ball that is about 4.5″ – 5″ in diameter.

They also have their new Mini-Pro II portable adjustable basketball hoops designed for the weight of the 5″ Synthetic Leather ball. The Mini-Pro II is designed with a full steel frame behind the backboard plus an upper support bracket to hold the top of the backboard. It’s one of the most popular mini basketball hoops nowadays because it is designed for all ages.

Basketball Premiers is another place that sells mini basketball hoops, mostly for kids and toddlers. Their Junior Slam Mini Basketball Hoop is the favorite for kids because the whole product weight is only about three pounds. It’s easy to mount anywhere and the basketball is only four inches in diameter which is ideal for toddlers.

Door Jam’s Indoor Mini Hoop is also as popular because it’s great for kids older than 8 and adults. It’s a real rim that you can mount anywhere, about 9 inches in diameter and it’s made of all steel. It’s one of the most popular mini basketball hoops you’ll find in dorms and rooms. You also have your own choice of either a 6 inch rubber basketball or a foam or plastic ball.

Mini basketball hoops are IN. Kids love them, adults use them as stress busters and elder adults get their exercise by playing a game or two.

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